Shukufuku no Campanella – Plus Stories | Windmill Oasis |祝福のカンパネラ Plus Stories ダウンロード版


Upscales to 1600×1200 and contains three new stories.

No.1 “Princess’s breathing quest”
“That’s right. I have an H dream with Leicester.”
Karina spends her time in agony because she is too busy with public affairs to meet Leicester.
Alright! I have to do something for Agnes.
With that in mind, I just made up a quest.
Uh, why are you doing this … Help Leicester!
No.2 “Golem repair turmoil”
“Wow! Don’t mess with Leicester just for Lithos!”
Mmm! Lithos is still the same.
But, eh … Leicester is kind after all.
That’s not the case! The golem’s voice suddenly disappeared.
Perhaps it’s just like this !?
No.3 “Rapid growth of new adventurers”
“I want to be a great adventurer with Miriam!”
So daddy, let us help more daddy!
At that time, the story of the quest came from Chelsea.
And … eh? Is it black Avril?
Mi, Miriam, Quest I’ll do my best! (MTL)


Title : Shukufuku no Campanella – Plus Stories
Original Title : 祝福のカンパネラ Plus Stories ダウンロード版
Language : Japanese
Length : Long ( 30 – 50 Hours )
Released date : 2021-06-25


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