Revive ~Yuurei Seikatsu wa Paradise~ | リバイブ ~幽霊生活はパラダイス~ | petala


Title : Revive ~Yuurei Seikatsu wa Paradise~
Original Title : リバイブ ~幽霊生活はパラダイス~
Developer : petala
Released Date : 2015-08-28
Language : Japanese
Length : –


This is the debut title for PETALA. Souta is an unlucky fellow who found himself as a ghost one day. He couldn’t remember how he ended up like this, but despite having regrets over not having done ‘this and that’ with his osananajimi love interest Hijiri, he was still quite composed considering his current situation. That’s because he’s invisible now and can watch girls undressing and in other unthinkable poses all he wants!

However, his fulfilling ghost life changed when he met the great spirit-sensing old woman Jako. She told him that if he continued on as a ghost, then he will one day vanish completely from this world. To avoid this and to become human again, he needs sexual energy known as soma, which dwelled within those whom he has a special relationship with. Will he be able to find his ‘true partner’ and revive successfully?


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