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Title : Otomimi ∞ Infinity
Original Title : オトミミ∞インフィニティー

Language : Japanese
Length : –


Beast people are those hybrids that are born from a human and animal. They co-exist with humans, but are looked down upon as lesser beings. Yamato is a human who has a strong sense of justice, however he’s also a little bit different from other people: he loves beast girls! One day while trying to avoid his bro-con older sister Chizuru’s attacks of love, he ended up being struck by a delivery truck. When he came to, he found himself at the Otomimi carrying company where there are many beast girls. He didn’t remember anything about the accident and trusted that the employee saved him, so he starts working at Otomimi. However, the governor of the island, Iwahara Touchiji, declared that beast girls are crude beings that are no better than a walking dutch wife and ordered their segregation from humans. Yamato decides to devise a plan to oppose Iwahara, with the help of the 5 beast girls he met at Otomimi.



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