Ore wa Gibo ni Netorareru ~Watashi-tachi mo Misetsukete Yareba Ii no yo~ | 俺は義母に寝取られる ~私たちも見せつけてやればイイのよ…~  | Appetite


Title : Ore wa Gibo ni Netorareru ~Watashi-tachi mo Misetsukete Yareba Ii no yo~
Original Title : 俺は義母に寝取られる ~私たちも見せつけてやればイイのよ…~

Language : Japanese
Length : –


“Ah … oh. Oh, my father-in-law! I feel good … I feel very good!”

An incredible sight was spreading in front of me.
When I got home earlier than usual, I witnessed my wife harrowing with a man … and my partner was my father.

I noticed that my vision was pitch black-lying on the sofa in the living room.

“Oh, good. It looks like I woke up. I was worried.”

“… Oh. Mother-in-law …”

It was her mother-in-law, Midori Natsukawa, who called out to me.
She is Midori, her second wife who remarried her father two years ago.

“Oh, mother-in-law … actually–”

――I never give up and confess everything.
Midori kept her calm and listened to me from beginning to end.
When she finishes talking, she nods a little, convincingly.

“Honestly … I thought, after all. Recently, Mr. Daijiro’s appearance was strange …
Thank you for speaking honestly. I’m more worried about you.
It would have been quite a shock to witness the moment of affair …? ”

“Yes … that is … already …”

“… I understand. I’ll leave this to me …”

Midori said that, she gently leaned her body next to me-and

“Hey … I think we should act together. More connections than ever before … yes, as a partner who vows revenge.” (MTL)


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