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Title : Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome
Original Title :  お嬢様と秘密の乙女
Aliases :  Ojouoto

Language : Japanese
Length :


This is the first title by MOONSTONE Honey, a sub-brand that combines moe and ero. Yuuri looks like a cute girl, but he’s actually the son of the world-famous women’s fashion brand Shinohara family. He is in line to take over as the president of the giant corporate group in the future, but he is quite uncomfortable around girls. He would blush just standing in front of them and of course, he couldn’t talk properly with them either. Because of this, he can’t get a girlfriend nor even any female friends.

Since he doesn’t understand girls’ feelings, it would be impossible for him to lead a fashion brand for women. So, his family recommended (forced) him to attend the prominent Magnolia Girls’ Academy. As a normal girl, he should be able to quietly get through this unfamiliar school life, but why are the prettiest girls at the school flocking to his side…?




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