Obaa-chan, Mama wa Sasete Kureta yo? ~Musuko Mitai ni Ubawasenai wa!~ | おばあちゃん、ママはさせてくれたよ? ~息子みたいに奪わせないわ!~ | Appetite | Free Download


Title : Obaa-chan, Mama wa Sasete Kureta yo? ~Musuko Mitai ni Ubawasenai wa!~
Original Title : おばあちゃん、ママはさせてくれたよ? ~息子みたいに奪わせないわ!~
Developer : Appetite
Released Date : 2021-07-02
Language : Japanese
Length : Short (2 – 10 hours)


Kazuma, my grandson, came over for a long vacation.
I often hear the story, “When my grandson comes home, he is happy but tired.”
(If it ’s just grandchildren, it ’s okay, if it ’s just grandchildren …)
The problem is-even my son’s wife has been staying at my house for a long time.
His son Shinichi is at home in the city center for work reasons.
Living with his son’s wife without his son is really tiring.
(Well, Mikako is more tired than I am …)
While taking a bath one day, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.
He feels the line of sight.
He looked into the bathroom door-it was narrow and open.
The criminal of peeping is–.
That night I’m sleeping with my grandson.
Since my son’s daughter-in-law and grandson came to my house, I often sleep together like this.
He is doing so because of his grandchildren.
(I’m worried because it’s after that happened …)
I don’t think there will be any mistakes.
But … (MTL)


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