Nekonade Distortion Ren’ai Jishou no Dead End | 猫撫ディストーション 恋愛事象のデッドエンド | Whitesoft | Free Download


Title : Nekonade Distortion Ren’ai Jishou no Dead End
Original Title : 猫撫ディストーション 恋愛事象のデッドエンド
Developer : Whitesoft
Released Date : 2015-05-29
Language : Japanese
Length : Very short (< 2 hours)


This is a crowdfunded fandisc for Nekonade Distortion. One day, Tatsuki’s childhood friend Yuzu turned into his little sister “Kotoko”. When he went to his mother Shikiko for advice, she was “Kotoko” as well. Then his older sister Yui showed up in front of him… as “Kotoko”. Everyone that he knew had turned into “Kotoko” on the inside.

What exactly had happened?! What should I do?!

“Nii-san, this is the DEAD END world.”

“Soon, you will become me as well.”




1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, Mount the installation ISO (if needed)
3. Run the Setup EXE, follow the installation Instruction
4. Copy the files inside the CRACK folder into your VN’s installation directory, then replace 5. Start from the crack’s EXE. ( do not forget to run using Japanse locale system / LocaleEmu ). See FAQ on Tutorial.

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