Title : Musume no Shin’yuu JK to no Inkou ~Konna Koto ga Musume ya Tsuma ni Baretara…~
Original Title : 娘の親友JKとの淫交 ~こんな事が娘や妻にばれたら…~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2013-03-22
Length : Very short


I am ‘Kiyoshi Yusa’. He is a very ordinary office worker.
My wife is away today. When I was packing up my luggage after a business trip by myself, I heard a thunder-like sound in the distance.
When I looked out the window, the sky that had been clear just a moment ago was suddenly covered with thick clouds, and immediately—— it started to rain.

[Mayu] “Kyaa, close the door, close the door.”

[Rena] “It’s suddenly raining.”

[Mayu] “Ah~, it’s already soggy”

Apparently, they got caught in a downpour on their way home, and their daughter ‘Mayu’ and Miyamori’s daughter ‘Reina’ came back soaking wet.

I recommend that you warm up your body by even taking a bath.
‘Mayu’ encourages her ‘Rena’ to enter first, but ‘Mayu’ goes into the bathroom in a way that the housekeeper is first.

I and ‘Rena’ were left behind.
I thought I had to do something about Rena-chan’s chest, which I could see through, so I handed her a white shirt that was nearby.

“Put this on and wait so you don’t catch a cold.”

At that moment, there was a loud thunderclap and the room became dark.
The living room is as dark as night due to a power outage.
It’s not a dark place.

But that wasn’t the problem.
More than the power outage, I was faced with a big problem at this time…





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