Mainichi ga Harem Sugite Ore wa Yome o Kimerarenai! | 毎日がハーレムすぎて王子は姫を決められないっ! | VN Download | Free Download | PeasSoft


Title : Mainichi ga Harem Sugite Ore wa Yome o Kimerarenai!
Original Title : 毎日がハーレムすぎて王子は姫を決められないっ!
Aliases : Mainichi ga Harem Sugite Ouji wa Hime o Kimerarenai!, Oreyome

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)


Chiaki is the son of the Tenmyouji family, which runs the the leading zaibatsu in Japan. At his birthday party, his parents decided that he’ll marry Nina, the daughter of a famous Italian opera singer and a Japanese world-renowned pianist. However, he rejected their matchmaking, stating that he can’t marry someone who he just met. They reluctantly accepted his opinion and came up with a new set of conditions.

1. He must attend Tsukimiya Gakuen, where there are many girls from high-class families, and search for a bride while studying.
2. He must conceal his social status and use a false name.
3. The girl that he chooses must be sexually assertive. (← since they want lots of grandchildren)

He agreed to their conditions since he can choose his own bride. There, he met four girls: the friendly and cheerful Ayano who is great at cooking but seems to have a secret, the proud and dictator-like Tamaki who sets strict school rules on a whim, the rich Misuzu who’s always on a high horse, but is actually quite an idiot, and the extremely ecchi Nina who followed him to Tsukimiya Gakuen even though he had turned her down. Along with his expressionless sharp-tongued maid Chloe and his meddling imouto/maid Rurika, he begins his search for a bride. However, it seems like they are all either quite sadistic or masochistic. Will he be able to safely make a choice?






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