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Title : Love Rec.
Original title: LOVEREC.
Aliases: ラブレコ., Rabureko

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Shop: DMM | Getchu


The story takes place at the end of April in a small school in Funakura, a quiet town close to the sea. Akira is a shutterbug who loves taking videos even during meals. He left the film research club to start a videography club with his childhood friend Chiho. He wished to create a work which will make people smile. However, the film research club’s young prodigy director Miyuki strongly opposed it. It was decided at the school’s information session that if they can defeat the film research club at a competition, then they would be recognized as a proper club.

He ran around finding members for the new club, but they still did not have enough members as the deadline approached. Just as their future looked bleak, there was a strange flash from his cherished video camera that he’s had for the past 10 years and a small girl appeared before him.

“I am the camera spirit. Let me protect you, Master”

After meeting the easygoing camera spirit Hitomi and the pro video editor Nori who doesn’t attend school, his surroundings began to greatly change.

Why do we create things? Why do we fall in love? Why are we there?

They experience the emotions of youth – anxiety, anger, laughter, sadness – as they gradually move forward together true to their own feelings.






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3. Enjoy!

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