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Title : Yasashii Mahou no Tonaekata
Original Title : 異常覚醒
Aliases: –

Language : Japanese
Length : –


The main character is a young doctor who works in a small hospital specializing in Nosfera disease, and has the ambition to eradicate the disease.
However, one day, a boy in an inpatient developed a new type of the disease, and as a result of that symptomatology, he fainted in agony with a severe tingling of the penis and ejaculated in large quantities. Causes sexual symptoms.

And the hero also has the symptomatism that “when I see the affected person, I get estrus so much that I can’t control myself.”
The protagonist is worried and self-loathing, but in search of more pleasure, he creates an elixir that causes more severe sexual symptoms’abnormal arousal’and makes the affected people more severe …!

Innocent bodies such as innocent nurses, high-handed genius female doctors, and young boy patients become hot and greedy, with various’abnormal awakenings’ such as sensitivity doubling, continuous squirting, breast milk squirting, botte belly, breast erection, hymen climax, etc. Exposing Ahaire’s foolery, a pleasant screaming scream of full-blown lewd words echoes in an isolated mountain hospital! (MTL)


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