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Title : Gore Screaming Show
Original Title :ゴア・スクリーミング・ショウ
Aliases: GSS, ゴアスク
Language : Japanese
Length : Long (30 – 50 hours)
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Gore Screaming Show begins with the return of Kyouji Jinno, a relatively unassuming yet personable student, to the remote suburban community of his early childhood. With his parents still employed overseas, Kyouji takes up residence with his aunt, a cheerful woman with an unusual passion for occult research and relatively carefree regard to responsibilities. In this eased environment, Kyouji finds many opportunities to pursue leisure activities, rekindling friendship with several girls he once knew, now having matured into beautiful women.

Soon thereafter, Kyouji accepts a request from his aunt to help unravel mysteries concerning paranormal phenomena she is investigating. They immediately set off, accompanied by friends in tow, to an ominous undeveloped forest that boarders the town.

After discussing details of an obscure local myth, the group splits to cover more ground, whereupon Kyouji stumbles across a decayed well. Suddenly an adolescent girl appears, candidly forthcoming and friendly in disposition towards Kyouji, but holding venomous hatred for his female companion. When the encounter is suddenly cut short, the nameless child inexplicably vanishes without a trace.

The forest expedition is then repeated a second time, further arousing the attentions of the mysterious young girl: an interest that inaugurates events of chaotic death and destruction in its wake… all committed in the pursuit of happiness once denied.





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