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Title : Succubus Farm
Original Title : Milking Farm
Aliases: –

Language : English
Length :  –


A farm is hidden deep within the forest of your village. Rumor has it that people who go there ends up becoming one of the animals. It’s believed to be an urban legend but so many go missing each year. One day in the middle of the night, a young girl asks you for help to find her missing brother. You ask where and she says the forest. You are brave and decide to help her, even though you’re built like a twig. Big mistake!

This urban legend becomes a reality and you are caught by a wandering monster girl. You are a “cow” in this succubus farm where your sperm is their milk. Most of them have massive boobs and like to gangbang. Use items, run, hide, and struggle to get out! There are powerful succubus and traps waiting for you. If caught by succubi, prepare for punishment!​





1- Extract the download to desired location.
2- Run the Game.exe file
If the game doesn’t work, you do not have the proper software and setting to run japanese games.
In order to run japanese games, there are a couple of things you need to have set up on your computer.
The links below will provide you with a guide on how to set it up. After installing the software needed, restart your computer and try opening the .exe file again.

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