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Title :  Soul Link
Original Title : ソウルリンク

Language : English
Length :  Medium (10 – 30 hours)


IFall, 2045C.E. Aizawa Shuuhei, a second year cadet enrolled in Central Military Academy’s main division, is dispatched to the orbital space station Aries on a training mission. There he reunites with his younger brother, Ryouta, and his childhood friend, Nao, both of whom reside there as cadets enrolled in the preparatory division.

Then a unidentified space ship under the control of Jararacas, a radical terrorist organization, suddenly attacks the Aries and seizes control of the main control room. With all communication lines cut off, Shuuhei and the others have no way to escape; they’re trapped. Trapped in space, 250 miles above the Earth with nowhere to run. In the midst of this desperate situation, the cadets must gather their courage and rise up to take back the Aries. As they do, they draw ever closer to the fearsome truth lurking behind this incident…





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