Title : Rignetta’s Adventure ver 1.2.0
Original Title : ボトルバイオスフィア -家出少女との生活-

Language : English, Japanese
Developer : I’m cutest in the world
Released date: 2022-04-23
Length : –


Our heroine Rignetta has just purchased some land on the cheap like the frugal entrepreneur she is,
but there’s always a catch with cheap land…
In this case, the area is overrun with monsters!
Can Rignetta restore peace to this broken land!?

Screenshots / CG

LINK DOWNLOAD (ver 1.2.0, size : 775 mb) : ONEDRIVE | TBOX | MEGA | DOODRIVE | ANON
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Tips : before extract, press CTRL + E on winrar then choose Japanese Shift-JS to make japanese title readable

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