Title : Rewrite+
Original Title : リライト, Riraito, 改写
Length : Very Long
Released date : 2021-12-17
Developer : Key
Language : English
All Ages


In this city built upon the ideal coexistence of civilization and the environment, Tennouji Kotarou spends his days with his friends, Kanbe Kotori and Yoshino Haruhiko. In this peaceful city, a tumultuous event shakes the foundations of Kazamatsuri once a year.



New Update 2021.12.23 – 2021.12.24 + Patch from Github

  • Fixed name tags showing up in Japanese
  • Fixed untranslated text showing up in save/load
  • Fixed untranslated text showing up in various routes
  • Fixed engine control code (TIMEWAIT/PP) showing in dialogue
  • Fixed scripting bugs associated with edge cases, our script inserter was not escaping commands correctly
  • Fixed image readability in various routes
  • Fixed image display in various routes
  • Fixed missing text in various routes
  • Fixed ‘Enable voice speed playback’ label in the config menu
  • Fixed UI gap from Tweet removal
  • Addressed some translation concerns on routes
  • Temporary removed English Localization credits and Kickstarter backers, will be readded in another patch
  • Changed default font to Kosugi Maru
  • Fixed typos
  • Added additional/reorganized nametags
  • Sizuru -> Shizuru
  • “Uncensored” images are restored from the Japanese version of Rewrite+
  • Opening and ending videos now have subtitles (in your Rewrite+ settings go to “Movie Settings” and change it to MCI if videos lag)
  • An issue with the ending video’s audio bitrate has been fixed



1. Extract the archive.
2. Enjoy

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