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Title : Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari- & Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens / Rance II – Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi – & Rance 01 – Hikari o Motomete –
Original Title : ランス01 光をもとめて & ランス02改 反逆の少女たち & ランスII -反逆の少女たち-

Language : English
Length : Medium ( 10 – 30 Hours )
VNDB : https://vndb.org/r64811


This is a remake of the original Rance title which came out 24 years ago. The womanizing warrior Rance is accompanied by his magician slave Sill as they search for the kidnapped noble daughter Hikari. It uses an old-style chip-based battle system, but the layout is pretty polished. It comes with some spiffy BGMs as well. If you always wondered how Rance or Hani came about, now’s your chance to find out.

The peerless warrior Rance is a freat fighter, a quick thinker, and possessed of
powerful luck. These qualities alone would mark him as hero to go down in
history, but unfortunately, he has no interest in using his talents for such
things as world peace or justice, and acts only to fulfill his own desires.

Now the town of Custom is in danger, and the one who’s accepted a quest at the
guild to help them is RANCE!


Screenshots / CG


Password : ryuugames.com


1. Extract
2. Play


  1. Thank you so much man! 02 works great for me, but 01 when trying to launch .exe just gives me a problem message saying:
    “Failed to read file ‘D:\[Mangagamer] Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari- Rance 01 – Hikari o Motomete – ???01 ?????? [English]\AliceStart.ini”

    Tried downloading from all your sources but the same happens, you know what could be the solution?

  2. thanks for the game

    as for bishamonten if your problem is not fixed yet just change your folder name to something like rance01, works well for me

  3. I have to add this line BootName = “Rance01”, at the bottom of AliceStart.ini for the 01 game start working, also change the floder name to Rance01. Maybe you could try that. @Bishamonten

  4. i need help 🙁
    Failed to read file ‘C:\[Mangagamer] Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari- Rance 01 – Hikari o Motomete – ???01 ?????? [English]\AliceStart.ini


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