Title : Order Us!
Original Title : –

Language : English (Official)
Developer : OrderUsTeam
Released date : 2024-03-05!


In retro-era Europe, a small cafe was built consisting of cute waitresses dressed like menu items. The café’s grand opening is two weeks away, but you, the owner, have only managed to hire two service girls: Peaches and Mocha, neither of whom are capable of caring for customers.

Peaches is a promiscuous trickster who likes to disregard authority and push others’ buttons, while Mocha is a naive wallflower whose inexperience leaves her virtually useless as a service girl.

With only two weeks to fix their issues, you must choose which girl to spend your time with and figure out how to address their quirks. The precedent you set will surely have consequences, not only for the future of the business, but also in establishing what a boss-employee relationship looks like in your establishment.

LINK DOWNLOAD ( 346 MB / V1.0.1 )