Title : My Life as a Cult Leader Uncensored, Shikijou Kyoudan
Original Title : 色情教団

Language : English
Developer : DWARSOFT
Released date : 2023-03-25


You pretend to be the founder of a new cult religion! Bang female believers down under the sex cult’s doctrine!

From your arrogant nature, you have lost job and place to live in.
As a homeless, you waste time in a park baring burning grudge against the society.
One evening, a mysterious beauty Shima Itsuki visits and asks you:

“We would be glad if we welcomed you to Hishin No Kai, as the founder.”

According to Shima, the new religious group Hishin No Kai’s founder currently
suffers from a critical disease so the group is in need of a stand-in for him.
Not having enough money to even feed yourself, you accept her offer.

In a large hall of the group, you are stunned that believers let all their beastly
desires come out to mate with each other in an obscene sweet scent.
It’s quite a madness of a cult that refers sex as a sacred ritual.

In days of sex orgy with female believers, what sort of conclusion will you grab in the end?




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