Title : Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers, Bocchi de Kyonyuu na Otaku Joshi Youko-san ~Ero Doujin Sakka no Kanojo to Usui Hon o Tsukuri Nagara Echiechi Tanezuke Seikatsu~
Original Title : ぼっちで巨乳なオタク女子・陽子さん~エロ同人作家の彼女と薄い本を作りながらえちえち種付け性活~, 孤僻巨乳宅女阳子

Language : English, Chinese, Spanish
Developer : Norn
Released date : 2023-02-18


Your girlfriend is an otaku who’s secretly got some biiiiiig tittes!
She’s not all that good at social interaction, but when you’re around she gets so excited!

She’s making her new book, as she’s an erotic manga artist….
but she needs a nude model, and this very important task falls to you!

When you met her she was kind of a mess,
but after you started dating she started taking MUCH better
care of herself!

The two of you have a loving relationship,
but when the mood gets hot and heavy, she goes all out!


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