Lewdcrest Lady of the Night – Branded AZEL  | English Version |  烙淫の娼女 | Free Download Visual Novel Googledrive


A travelling Mythical Beast Hunter Azel fails on her quest to take
down one such beast and after falling unconscious on the ground
she is picked up by a slave trader and sold to the red light district.

Using her lewd body as a weapon Azel begins her fight for freedom!
(A pre-release spinoff to our up and coming Branded Azel work)

[Allure your customers with Perverted Commands]
– Wink Cutely
– Lick your lips like a female panther
– Spread your legs like a slut

Line ’em fellas up and tempt tempt tempt them away~
Select the command that suits their fetish for a CG cut-on bonus.

10 different commands, alllllll erotic, all cute and fully pixel animated!

[No erotic act is out of question]
Handjobs, fellatio, titjobs, anal… there are 5 kinds of erotic play.
Unlocked as you proceed through each stage.

Every time you use a Temptation Command, you will gain EP (Eros Points)
and when those points reach MAX, an erotic scene will begin!
Enjoy as the heroine’s Lewd-Seal forces her into an uncontrollable frenzy of lust.

[Unique Rivals & Sub Heroines]
Once Aristocrats, Beast Girls, Lewd Demons from another dimension…

By defeating the No.1 girl on each floor you can proceed to the next.

You can also take watch of them while they are in action
and enjoy their erotic punishment scenes after defeating them!

The designs and CG for the sub heroines were done by Mr. Hikaru
from Circle [sugar star]. The erotic scene variations were drawn by us.
Enjoy as these cute characters pull of wild spine arching gape face glory!


Title: Lewdcrest Lady of the Night – Branded AZEL
Original Title: 烙淫の娼女

Language: English
Length: –





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