Title : Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed ‘Em All!, Isekai no Oukoku Marugoto Ore no Haramase Onaho Harem!
Original Title : 異世界の王国丸ごと俺の孕ませオナホハーレム!

Language : English
Developer : Miel
Released date : 2022-09-09
Length : –


You were summoned to a fantasy world where only women exist!
However, it was to be used as a human sacrifice to seal Demon Queen Marion!
When your summoners agree to grant you one last wish, you request bareback sex with the beautiful queen who rules this world.

The stunning big-breasted beauty of a Queen who knows neither man nor sex completely succumbs to the bareback grinding of your bottomless energy!
Pledging her absolute loyalty, she offers up her country and her people to serve as your onaholes.

With a good dicking, you went from a sacrificial lamb to the newly-crowned King!
Humans, elves, catgirls, demons. A princess, an aristocrat, a knight, or a commoner. Their race and status don’t matter! Every female shall become a meat onahole to be impregnated!
The dream life of the Harem King begins here!


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