Title: Forbidden Fruit
Developer: Magic Fingers
Release date:  2022-09-16
Language: English, Russian
Game size: 2GB
Length: Long
Patreon  : Magic fingers

18+ Uncensored


Would you like to be on a bright island full of adventure, secrets, funny characters, exciting stories, new friends, and salacious monsters? Then discover The Forbidden Fruit!

Our main characters Maya and Leo, a brother and sister duo, return home to discover their mother grieving, over their now missing father. The two of them embark on a journey to find answers. The only clues they find are his journal which points to an expedition that had set out into the mysterious island.

Maya and Leo immediately head out, following the trail of their father, and crash land on an island where they find people who claim to be the Atlanteans who tell them that their father may still be alive. So they start their adventure here in search of their father and encounter the charms of the Island. Lusty anthropomorphic animals, holidays, parties, mysteries, dungeons, blackmail, intrigue, fights, puzzles, spicy dilemmas, and more. The island has many obstacles that threaten their search for answers. Fortunately, both of our characters have their own strengths to take these obstacles head-on. Leo the rational brother looks to solve problems rationally, to cleverly get what he wants. Maya uses her charm and guile to negotiate with others and diplomatically solve problems.

So come and explore an island full of adventure. Get away and feel all the splendor of a fantastic creation like never before. Discover our game and enjoy The Forbidden Fruit

Episode 13: Deep down

In the new chapter, our heroes will have to figure out how to defeat a new dangerous enemy. Meet an old acquaintance and uncover the secrets of the mermaid prisons. They need to get to the secret levels of the prison known as laboratories and figure out what is going on there and why there are so many different rumors about this place. This time, our heroes will approach their most important goal as never before.








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