Title : Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Success ♪, Erovoice! Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life♪
Original Title : えろぼいす! Hなボイスでいちゃラブサクセス♪

Language : English
Developer : CLOCKUP
Released date : 2022-02-24
Length : Medium
Store : mangagamer


I love erotic voices.

“Ahh, I could cum just from the sound of this sexy voice in my ears…”

When I close my eyes with my headphones on, I’m surrounded by erotic voices and sound effects.

The erotic sounds woven by the voice actress’ throat and lips hit my ears, and stimulate my nerves and my mind.

I love erotic voices so much that I can cum hands-free from just the audio alone.

That was my life until I happened to discover an ad for a “General Affairs” position at a voice acting agency while searching for a job…

Screenshots / CG



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