Title : Clash of the G.O.A.T. Games ~Trading x Death Game~
Original Title : 神ゲー世界大戦~行商×デスゲーム~

Language : English (Ai TL from dev)
Developer : Moe Workshop
Released date : 2022-12-26


The Clash of the G.O.A.T. Games is ON (it’s all God’s fault)
There is only one rule:
The one with the fewest points DIES!

To earn enough points to survive, protagonist Alice decides to work as a trader.

Sometimes getting raped, sometimes whoring…
Getting friendly with other girls and lezzing up…
Or building bonds and pursuing the worldy secrets…

Alice’s sexy, perilous trader life starts here!


LINK DOWNLOAD ( 2.1 GB / Ver1.04 )


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