Title : Captive Princess Marie and the Castle of Depraved Monsters
Original Title : 囚われのマリー姫と淫堕の魔物城

Language : English (FanTL by Daedroth)
Developer : HarapekoChicken
Released date : 2022-07-15
Length : –


Burlesia Kingdom, a small nation surrounded by mountains and the sea.
Marie, the princess of the kingdom, was leading a peaceful life with her parents,
the king and queen, and the people of the nation.
Until one day Marie’s whole world came crashing down around her.
The monsters that have been invading other countries for some time now,
have finally set their sights on the Burlesia Kingdom.
Put down the arms, give up the kingdom and Princess Marie, were their demands.
Princess Marie also had to marry Gajah, the chief of the horde, and give birth to his children.
Princess Marie tried to protest, but it was all for naught.
After Gajah threatened to invade her kingdom with even larger force, she was taken away.
When the uncoscious Princess woke up, she found herself in a prison cell in a castle full of monsters.
Not wanting to marry Gajah, Princess Marie decides to escape from prison in order to save her kingdom…​