Biyaku Trance Retsujou Release -Kawaii Kuse ni Seiyoku Tsuyosugi no Seifuku Joshi- | 媚薬トランス劣情リリース -可愛いくせに性欲強過ぎの制服女子- | SABER FISH


Title : Biyaku Trance Retsujou Release -Kawaii Kuse ni Seiyoku Tsuyosugi no Seifuku Joshi- / Aphroditic Trance Passion Release -Cute Yet Vulgar Schoolgirl-
Original Title : 快楽キメセク ~淫らな厨房の裏側~
Developer : SABER FISH

Language : Japanese
Length : –


I had friends but no girlfriend.
How could I, with these looks? The closest thing was my platonic cute childhood friend…

She and I were in the same class, along with some other girl who was getting married soon.
Incredibly hot, ultra flawless. She was half-Japanese.

That was more than enough to envy but all around me it was cuties, cuties everywhere.
A gorgeous girl who everyone loved for being like “one of the guys”, a cute freshman girl,
even our teacher was ultra hot.


I was in walking in the halls in a fog of covetry when I found something on the ground.

“What’s this? A spray? What’s an ‘atomizer’?”

Written on the side of spray bottle in tiny fine print, it said:
“Takes effect instantly” “Sight activated” “Use on target, then target will be attracted to the first available subject”
“Warning: multiple uses will diminish or corrode effects” “Do not use on targets with heart conditions”

— Basically, it was a love spray!

Basically I was holding something incredible.
The key to all the sex a guy could ever want. Even a guy like me.

I quickly hid the spray in my bag.
My plan was already forming: how to use it and who to screw.


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thanks to Shin


1. Extract
2. Play and run as an administrator with Japanese Locale Emulator

3. Enjoy!

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