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Title : Asahi to One Room ~Toaru Natsu no Ichinichi~
Original Title: 旭とワンルーム 〜とある夏の一日〜
Length :  –
Language : Japanese


One day during the summer holidays, while all the other dorm residents headed back to their family’s homes, the members of the Takamura class were enjoying the remainder of their holiday to the max at the academy.
Asahi has completely become a commuting wife with how she regularly heads to Iori’s room without worrying about those around her. However, she’s seeming a bit overworked after the Enbu-sai. Deciding that things can’t go on like this, Iori makes a certain suggestion to her on a day where the other members of the Takamura class aren’t around.

“Today is your day completely off, Asahi!
I’ll obey anything you tell me to do!”

Asahi’s lust finally explodes!
And so their sweet lovey-dovey flirty-flirty day begins.


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