Aisai ~Tsuma to Oyaji Dake no Toki~ | 哀妻 ~妻と親父だけの時間~ | Eroitto


Title : Aisai ~Tsuma to Oyaji Dake no Toki~
Original Title: 哀妻 ~妻と親父だけの時間~
Released date : 2021-06-25
Length : Short (2 – 10 hours)
Language : Japanese

Aisai ~Tsuma to Oyaji Dake no Toki~ | vndb


The main character, Tomokazu Mihara, lives with his beloved wife, Maho, at his parents’ house with his father.
The couple started living with their father about a year ago-when Tomokazu’s mother died of a sudden illness.
His father, who had lost his energy to live for a while due to the shock of losing his wife and quit his job …
Thanks to his wife’s devoted support, he has now healed his emotional wounds and is completely well.
However, his father, who had a strong libido, began to feel wicked toward his young and beautiful son’s daughter-in-law as his energy returned.
Tomokazu, who never dreamed that his father was inferior to his wife, started his long-cherished fertility with Maho.
However, even after three months and six months, they were not blessed with child treasure.
“Maybe it’s my fault that I can’t have a baby …”
Tomokazu gently comforts Maho, who suffers from such anxiety, that she doesn’t have to rush.
One day like that.
After seeing off her husband who goes to work, her father-in-law calls out to Maho who is sighing because she is worried about her fertility.
Her father-in-law, who skillfully listens to her troubles, pushes her down while saying that she will help her with her fertility.
Maho tries to resist, but is made to feel before her father-in-law’s veteran sexual skills, and finally allows her vaginal cum shot.
After that, her father-in-law steals her son’s eyes and asks for her Maho’s young body every time.
Maho is afraid that her relationship with her father-in-law will be discovered by her husband, and she will be embraced by her father-in-law many times without being able to refuse strongly.
While she was taking a bath or talking to her husband on the phone, she was even right next to her sleeping husband …
Maho gradually drowned in having sex with her father-in-law, who knew she shouldn’t do it, but was far more intense and energetic than her husband. (MTL)
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