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Title : Wizards Complex
Original Title : ウィザーズコンプレックス
Aliases : ウィザコン, Wizacon

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)


It’s already been several years since it was confirmed that witches existed around the world. Magic has become part of everyday life, and it was common knowledge that only women can use magic.

However, this no longer held true when a single boy was found to possess magic abilities. This boy, Aoi, was invited to attend the Mikuni Academy for Witches. It was a peculiar school where the students were separated into two groups: the East Tower housed domestic students, while the international students occupied the West Tower. Each tower was governed by its own student council.

He was initially nervous being the only male student, but he quickly got along with the others. He was expecting a bright and enjoyable school life. Then, he and his classmates were forcefully enlisted as the new student council members for the east tower, and were thrust into a series of magic competitions between the two student councils. They must protect the honor of their tower, but there was one problem: he couldn’t use magic at all.




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