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Title :  Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu⁵
Original Title : そして煌めく乙女と秘密⁵
Aliases: Kiraoto, Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu no Gojyou, Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu no Gojou, Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu^5, そして煌めく乙女と秘密^5

Language : Japanese
Length :  Medium (10 – 30 hours)


Due to certain circumstances, Tetsuo’s younger sister Yuri was accepted into Saint Ouka Academy, a girls’ school for the upper class. Since she was quite shy and only a member of the lower-middle class, she thought it would be impossible for her and looked to her big brother for help. It ended up with him dressing up as a girl and attending school with her. However, he wasn’t a pretty boy or a natural trap, but just a manly man. With his broad shoulders and muscular frame, he was constantly watched by dubious eyes and Yuri did her best to help keep his secret.

One day, a fellow dormmate Shizuka invited him to join the drama club since they were lacking people to play male roles and he would be a good fit with his manly frame. After Tetsuo and Yuri joined, they discovered the club’s secret: it is actually a place for those girls who are deathly afraid of males to overcome their fear via practice.








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