Title : Purepure♥Peropero♥Princess ~Junshin Mahou Oujo no Do Sukebe Kairaku Lesson~
Original Title : ピュアピュア♥ぺろぺろ♥プリンセス ~純真魔法王女のドスケベ快楽レッスン~

Language : Japanese
Developer : DWARFSOFT
Released date : 2022-05-27
Length : –


Toshio Kaname (Kaname Toshio), a dull middle-aged man ──
You should feed with poor sales performance The company I worked for for 20 years was easily restructured because I had no family.
When this happened, you were wandering around the night city with a sex magazine in your hand.

“──Please tell me how to please a man.”

A beautiful blonde busty girl in a mysterious uniform who suddenly appears in front of you and complains in a serious manner.
At first you suspected it was a scam, but decided to accept the offer that you had nothing to lose.

He has a gentle, neat and elegant look. He has straight blonde hair and long hair. His skin is snow-white. Her model body with beautiful big boobs
-she was too attractive to be unscrupulous.

A girl who calls herself Iris takes you to the back of a narrow alley.
After opening some doors of a certain building and passing through the corridor, there was a luxurious Western-style room for a love hotel.

On the luxurious bed in the room, you teach her how to please a man to Iris who has no sexual knowledge.
Iris, who is bathed in rich spirit and has an ecstatic expression, says she is fascinated.

“Oh … you were what I was looking for …?”

The story that began in this way is set in a magical kingdom in a different world.
It is the sealed demon that can counter the prophecies of the disaster that will lead to the destruction of the kingdom.
And all you need to ask the demon for help is sexual hospitality ──! ??

The princess of the magical country who has long forgotten the culture of “enjoying sex” ──Teach iris the joy and technique of sex! !!
Your role of excessive libido and unequaled energy is the educator of cock and pussy! !!

The princess of the magical land where the heart is innocent and the body is lewd is soaked in pleasure with rich copulation and a thick black demon cock! !!





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2. Install the game on desired directory
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