Title : Nightmare x NobleBlood ~Uragiri no Abyss~
Original Title : Nightmare×NobleBlood~裏切りのアビス~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Guilty Nightmare Project
Released date : 2022-11-25
Length : –


Kuon Katsuragi, an onmyoji apprentice,
After his battle with the Satanic Cult, he managed to get his normal life back.
While continuing to exterminate evil spirits with his father Kimihiro,
He continues his training to control the demon fox power within him.
His recent days have been relatively calm, but one day he hears a disturbing story.

It is the remnants of the previously destroyed branch of the Satanic Cult,
It was rumored that he lived in hiding nearby and was aiming for a revival.
Although it is a rumor, it cannot be ignored, so Kuon and his colleagues proceed with the investigation.
As he continues his investigation, he finds remnants of the sect on the site of an old shrine deep in the mountains.

The remnants are said to be sealed in a shrine
He seems to be trying to unearth a powerful sword,
Kuon and the others move to prevent it.

Meanwhile, I changed schools at the same time
Kuon is also curious about the movements of Kizuki Rei and Saiki Eimi.
Can you really protect the spirit sword from the devil cult?
Or will I be swallowed by the darkness of hell again…?





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