Midareru Tsuma no Mae de, Boku wa Buzama ni Iki Hateru ~Boku no Tsuma, Rental Shimasu!~ | 乱れる妻の前で、ボクは無様にイキ果てる ~ボクの妻、レンタルします!~ | Free Download


Title : Midareru Tsuma no Mae de, Boku wa Buzama ni Iki Hateru ~Boku no Tsuma, Rental Shimasu!~
Original Title : 乱れる妻の前で、ボクは無様にイキ果てる ~ボクの妻、レンタルします!~
Developer : Appetite

Language : Japanese
Length : Short


Hmm … ah … “

When did I … I almost stopped reacting in front of her wife’s naked body.
It’s been ten years since the marriage began.
She should have had a smooth sailing day, but that was the only big problem.
Of course, her love for her wife hasn’t diminished.
And yet, it doesn’t work at all in an emergency.
Why … I couldn’t think of the cause, no matter how much I thought about it.

“Ahhh … Already !!”

“–Hey, what’s wrong? Suddenly weird voice w. It stands out badly, Naotarou w”

“Uo !? What is it … Tsukasa?”

Suddenly he was called from behind and made a crazy voice.
Looking back, his old friend “Dokuniji” from his school days looked into this with anxiety.

“Well, I’m so surprised w. I’m always meeting face to face w”

“No … well, that’s right …”

“But … are you worried about something? If I’m okay, I’ll talk to you w”

Perhaps I know the secret plan to solve this problem … I confessed the situation to the boss with the thought of snarling in the straw.

Without knowing that this would be the beginning of the road to ruin for me and my wife. (MTL)

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