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Haruto saved Ayano when he jumped out in front of an errant vehicle that was heading for her, but he got hurt in the process. She came to visit him every day while he was in the hospital and they gradually got closer. Even after he was discharged from the hospital, she helped take care of him until his injury was fully healed, spending every day like lovers. On the final day, he walked her to the train station and thanked her for everything she did for him. She responded by kissing him and saying that she didn’t stay with him only because he saved her. The next day, she came once more to his place, but this time as true lovers. However, their sweet time together was soon interrupted by his childhood friend Yuuko, Ayano’s best friend Tsukushi and her younger sister Konoka.


Title : Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to.
Original Title : 彼女と俺と恋人と。
Aliases : 彼女和俺和恋人, ととと, Tototo

Language : Japanese
Length : Long (30 – 50 hours)




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