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Title : Gakuen Taima! Holy x Moly
Original Title : 学園退魔!ホーリー×モーリー
Aliases : School Exorcism Holy x Moly

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)


Rikurou, also known as the “devil’s child”, was born on the 6th of June, at 06:06:06:06. Due to this, cursed blood coursed through his body and he became abnormally perverted. Despite this, he is able to live his life peacefully with his kind and supporting childhood friend, Iori.

One day, a blond-haired woman, Lisa, transfers into his school as a new teacher, before revealing that she is an exorcist who has come to seal the demon within Rikurou’s body, because if he gets fully taken over by his demon side, he becomes a real beast devoid of reason, capable of causing huge amounts of destruction.

Lisa comes up with a way to quell the devil’s power: have sex with the boy! Iori, who finds out about her plans and becomes jealous, also joins in and starts having sex with Rikurou. His life gets even more complicated as “hunters” are coming after his way to hunt to the “devil’s offspring”.

Amidst all the fighting, can Rikurou defend the two girls helping him out and overcome the evil within him?




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