Title : Futamata Ren’ai
Original Title : フタマタ恋愛
Aliases: ふたこい, Futakoi
Developer : ASa Project

Language : Japanese
Length : –


An absolutely lovely awakening: The chirping of the birds… and somebody’s warmth.

“I’ll have you take responsibility so… um… you’ll be my boyfriend from now on, got it?”

He was supposed to be taking care of a girl he met at a mixer, Toiro Kirame. However, he was mistaken for having a one-night stand with her; the both of them unable to comprehend the situation, the protagonist, Koga Nao, is made to take responsibility.

“I’ll agree to go out with you! Be glad, Koga-kun.”

However, his unrequited love, Nobuta Yua, suddenly declares that they will be dating.
Having been expressing his love for a while, he is unable to decline at that point—-

And, just like that, having made two girlfriends, our protagonist happily makes his debut as a two-timing sack of shit.

Maintaining his two relationships, he worries about what he would do from then on, then his relationships begin to change. And, what’s more, his girlfriends begin to suspect him, driving him further and further up the wall.

Will he dive into the quicksand of love that threatens to sink him further than two-timing? Or, will he seek out a happy ending where nobody is hurt?

How will this story that begins with two spontaneous romances unfold? Thoroughly unpredictable, the curtain draws on this quagmire of a love-comedy!

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