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Saya No Uta


The story centers around Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical school student.

Prior to the main storyline, he was involved in a vehicle accident that claimed the lives of both his parents and left him with critical injuries. Yet, he was rescued by experimental brain surgery that coincidentally altered his perception of the world dramatically. Everything now seems to be composed of slimy intestines and gore to him. In addition, the rest of his senses: touch, hearing, smell, and taste, are also impaired, similar to his sight, further damaging his mental health.

Fuminori’s hope for survival dwindles, and he considers suicide one night while still in the hospital. However, a girl in a white dress called Saya comes before him. In comparison to her horrific surroundings, she looks perfectly normal, if not downright gorgeous. Fuminori quickly develops feelings for Saya. He also makes her the purpose for his existence.

However, as time passes, Fuminori becomes more isolated from the rest of his regular life as he starts a mission to locate a particular person Saya is searching for. Fuminori’s friends and doctor get more worried as Fuminori behaves strangely over time and they soon find themselves trying to figure out what’s going on.


Title :  Saya no Uta
Original Title : 沙耶の唄
Language : ENGLISH 
Length : Short ( 2 – 10 Hours )



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