Title : My Mysterious Rule! It’s Natural to Get Intimate When I Win Against a Female Trainer, Yariste Mesbuta My Own Mysterious Rules! If You Win Against A Female Trainer, It’s Natural To Be Sex, Yarisutemesubutā Boku dake no nazo rūru! Onna torēnā ni katsu to ecchi atari mae
Original Title : ヤリステメスブター ボクだけの謎ルール!女トレーナーに勝つとエッチあたりまえ

Language : Japanese, English (Official Ai TL by dev)
Developer : Bosom Studio
Released date : 2023-10-14


In a world populated by mysterious creatures called Yarimon, players raise monsters and battle to become the best. The protagonist Yarimon, learns a powerful move, “Cheat Tackle,” which ensures victory but can be used only once per battle. The world has a peculiar rule: if the protagonist defeats a female trainer in battle, she must offer Sex as a form of payment. The protagonist, initially confused by this, embarks on a journey to understand this world’s mysteries. The game features 66 girls, each with their own intimate scenes, over 150 monsters, and a collection system similar to a Pokedex where players can revisit scenes with the girls they’ve been intimate with.


LINK DOWNLOAD ( 2.03 GB / V1.07 )