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––The final love story on Earth.

In the distant future, a gigantic energy mass called the “star of destruction” suddenly appears near Mars. Its effects rain down onto the world causing abnormal weather and changes in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Conflicts break out all around the world as resources become scarce and populations have nowhere to go. But this is only an omen of things to come.

100 years remain. Mankind plans to evacuate planet in order to evade its destruction. Two projects are drafted to meet that end.

First is the establishment of Earth’s Unified Government to implement the project itself. Evacuating Earth becomes a top priority and a policy of sacrificing the few to save the many is put into place. Authoritarian rule controls the masses. Nations and organizations which obstruct the establishment are oppressed through military force. Every possible point of division, race, religion, food, and energy is pacified through the iron fist of the military.

Second is the “Felix Project” which will serve as the foundation for the evacuation of Earth. Though only a scant 100 years remains, mankind will perish if it is unable to create the massive colony ships necessary to leave the planet and survive in the vacuum of space. They settle on producing superhumans capable of making the seemingly impossible project a reality–genetically altered beings designed to possess high intelligence, and perpetual youth and longevity: “Felixes.”

99 years pass… A lone female felix served as the central figure in the Earth Evacuation Project. She devoted her life to research for all of mankind. With her job now completed, she wishes to spend her remaining time quietly on Earth, now devoid of all humanity. A young man from the unified military is deployed to her side, his job is to protect her and to make sure she never gets away.

Their meeting sets the story in motion.

This is a tiny tale of a girl and a dying planet.


Title : Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet./eden* PLUS+MOSAIC
Aliases : 『 eden* 』

Language : English
Length : Short (2 – 10 hours)




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