Buzama ni! Gehin ni! Tsugou yoku! Kyokon Suuhai! Haramase Onaho Gakuen♪ | 無様に!下品に!都合よく!巨根崇拝!孕ませオナホ学園♪ | VN Download GoogleDrive | Free Download GD | Miel


A prestigious school turned into a cock-worshipping harem academy♪
Women are fuckholes! Depraved impregnation galore!

Our main character is a bellow-average, horny-as-a-rabbit student in a high-class school. His life of humiliation reaches a turning point when he is awarded an impregnation ticket! With it he claims the three Student Council top dogs – the young school board chairwoman Wakana, the heir to a business conglomerate Hyouka, and his own earnest step-sister Akane. and subjulgates them with his dick!

The three ladies of standout beauty, talent and wealth have etched into them the notion that bitches exist to serve as a male’s fuckholes, and turn the school into the grounds of a vulgar harem to worship his cock! A paradise of perverted women who revel in lewdness and depravity with great delight!


Title : Buzama ni! Gehin ni! Tsugou yoku! Kyokon Suuhai! Haramase Onaho Gakuen♪
Original Title : 無様に!下品に!都合よく!巨根崇拝!孕ませオナホ学園♪
Aliases :  Ungracefully! Rudely! Irresponsibly! Worshiping Huge D*cks! The Faphole Academy!

Language : Japanese
Length :




PASSWORD RAR : ryuugames.com


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